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The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) is Australia’s leading centre for education and training in the performing arts. Since 1990 NIDA’s doors have been open to the public through NIDA Open short courses, holiday classes and intensive Studio courses.

At age six Tricia Ryan, Head of NIDA Open, played her first ever acting role on stage. “I played Shakespeare’s daughter in a story about his life” said Tricia. “I got swept away by it all, the costumes, the set, the actors, it paved the way for what I do now.”

While Tricia’s current role doesn’t require her to stand under stage lights, she organises it so others can. “NIDA Open provides short courses, and part time training in all aspects of the performing arts for any age and ability” said Tricia.

Tricia is passionate about what she does. “When you’re in a class with a young person, and they say they can’t do it, but then you see them get it. You see the fear and self-judgment disappear, it’s amazing.”

With a dedicated team Tricia constantly strives for new ways to promote supportive learning. “We genuinely are student focussed and I couldn’t be prouder of the way we seek to put our students and their families at the centre of all we do” said Tricia.

Each course focuses on a specific discipline with unique learning outcomes. With courses ranging from acting, costume and prop making, voice and singing to technical theatre and stage management and more, the difficultly is deciding where to begin.

“We welcome everyone, creating opportunities where you can explore your creative potential, while being taught by the most experienced and exciting arts educators in Australia” said Tricia.