482 Anzac Parade, Kingsford NSW 2032
T: 0296621236

‘We put our soul into every ramen, every greeting, and every service,’ Yu, General Manager and chef at Manpuku proudly states.

Having worked his way up within the hospitality industry, Yu originally came to Sydney from Korea on a working visa 13 years ago. Along with the owner it’s obvious he has put his heart and soul into the business which first opened its doors serving delicious noodles to the local community over 6 years ago, in Kingsford. So popular were the tasty offerings that a second restaurant was opened across the bridge in Chatswood two years later.

The morning starts in the restaurant with a spirited daily ramen ritual, a Japanese style ceremony before opening, ‘Thanks for this opportunity to make ramen which we put all of our passion, love, and energy inside to make it a truly happy ramen,’ said Yu. The brief ceremony is filled with lots of positive energy and Yu and his team give thanks, are encouraged to dream big and look after each other and all customers.

Everything is made fresh; the soup, noodles, sauces and the menu has grown from nine ramen options to 19 to cater for various tastes and customer requests.

There is number seven, their signature dish which is called ‘Long Name’ for short which is a soy based pork and chicken soup with an age old perfected sauce recipe that keeps customers coming back for more. Also number 17, Tsukemen ‘dipping’ ramen where the dipping sauce and soup comes on the side. Yu’s favourite is number two from the menu as he likes saltiness, Shio Gara which is a salt based chicken soup that is perfected over many hours.

It’s easy to see why people come from far and wide to eat at this Japanese ramen specialist. From the beautiful calligraphy writing on the walls to the positive energy, the friendly service and the amazing noodle dishes it’s all at Manpuku, a place where you truly learn to respect the ramen.