Legends Gym


89 Anzac Parade, Kensington NSW 2033
T: 0296633774

After taking up karate when he was just five years old, Legends Gym manager Jesse Jansen-Sanchez picked up his first set of boxing gloves ten years later. “At 15 I didn’t have direction”, recalls Jesse. “I got kicked out of school, but then I discovered boxing in a gym in Maroubra, I got hooked”.

Jesse believes martial arts and boxing can teach you important skills that can be applied in the outside world. “It humbles you when you do martial arts, learning, applying your technique. It takes self-discipline and focus, and you carry that around with you.”

At age 18 Jesse admits he made some poor choices, he learned the hard way and has now turned his life around. Now he’s helping others do the same. “I had time to think about what I wanted in life, and also I had opportunities to learn new skills, like sewing. I was an upholsterer, and now I make boxing gloves, pads and bags. I cut everything out, then sew it myself.”

Since 2013 Legends Gym has been a place where people from all walks of life park their egos at the door, and train together as one. At 400 square metres, surrounding the perimeter of the decked out space are ceiling high murals of past boxing and bodybuilding greats, and mantras to keep you inspired.

With the recent plethora of 24 hour gyms opening up, Jessie says Legends Gym is different to all those. “No gym competes with us, and we don’t compete with them. At these new 24 hour gyms, they have a wide range of equipment, but no one to help you use it, unless you pay.”

“We’re a community, we look out for one another. If I see anyone doing anything wrong, their form when lifting weights, or using the kick bag, I’ll go over there and help them. It’s all part of the service.”