Cosmo Lighting


91-93 Anzac Parade, Kensington NSW 2033
T: 0296621517

When was the last time you lit up someone’s life? One person who can answer that without a moment’s hesitation is Effie Santini. Effie of Cosmo Lighting in Kensington, has been lighting up the homes of her local area for nearly four decades.

“Dad started this business 35 years ago” says Effie. “Before that, he owned a fruit shop in Kensington for years, instead of retiring he decided to try his hand at lighting.”

At the end of a school day Effie would head straight to her family’s business. “Back in those days, we had to put the chandeliers together ourselves”, recalls Effie. What that meant was that Effie would carefully bead all the pieces of the chandelier by hand. “It was a skill I was proud of…recently you could say I came out of beading retirement, because I redid all the local Greek Orthodox Church chandeliers, and at no charge. Hopefully that means some brownie points for upstairs [her head looking towards the heavens]” laughs Effie.

When it comes to all your lighting needs Cosmo Lighting is your one-stop-shop. As Effie notes “We only source high quality fixtures, we’ve been in the industry so long we know what to look out for, we don’t waste our time with anything that isn’t the best.”

Cosmo Lighting is always happy to impart their knowledge to any customers unsure about where to begin. “Most of the time lighting is the last thing people think about, and that shouldn’t be the case. If someone’s building a new home, or renovating, we’re always happy to sit them down and talk about the kind of lighting they could use for the space they’re working in” said Effie.

“The greatest satisfaction I’ve had is when people walk back into my shop to tell me how happy they are with the help I’ve given them. That makes it all worthwhile.”